Welcome to the heart of my home.

As this is my first ever post, I feel that a warm welcome into the heart of my home is in order. This is my home-based kitchen where all the delicious and messy creativity takes place. After spending many years running cafes & working in commercial kitchens, this is a welcome change to my previous intense schedules! You can find out more about my food journey in the main menu or by clicking here.(My Food Journey)


So this is where all the magic takes place. I have been intending to create a cookbook for many years; I was always making a mental note of which new recipes would end up in ‘the cookbook,’ but never quite getting it all down on paper. Those of you that work in catering will totally understand that once you have stepped out of a fast-paced, heavy scheduled kitchen for the day, the last thing you want to do is go home and do it all over again! Even getting another dinner together for the family would be a struggle after work, so I would either bring food home from the cafe or go eat out elsewhere. So yes, the cookbook remained an elusive entity in my life for many years but its energetic charge has always been following me about.

So, It’s finally happening! I have spent the past year making notes every time I cook my favourite dishes, meals that are so ingrained in me that I never have to refer to a recipe or instructions. It has been odd to then try and follow my own written recipes and have them turn out slightly different than if I had just gone freestyle; back to more scribbling of notes, tinkering with timescales and measured quantities to find the sweet spot of each dish…


On top of this, I have also been getting very messy and creative coming up with new recipes, a task that I truly love! This is when I come fully alive in the kitchen. I stop feeling like a cook. Instead, I feel the divine fertile and creative force of the universe flowing through me and manifesting the life-sustaining energy we call food. I love to delight and play with all the senses – visual, smell, textures, taste – invoking a sense of fulfilment, love, comfort & nourishment from deep within our roots, in a healthy and sustainable way. I hope you will join me on my journey and pick some of the fruits I have to offer.

I would LOVE to hear any feedback from any of my recipes that you try. Thank you for reading.

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